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Tantra vs. Neo-Tantra

When I first started with tantra, it was just one big blurry concept for me. Some years later I realized that there are more flavors to it, and I now have my feet in two worlds, traditional tantra and neo-tantra. I’m passing on what I’ve learned in my neo-tantric training in Finland and now I’m learning traditional tantra and tantric yoga to deepen my practice. Tantra and…
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Tantric Sexuality

What Is Tantric Sex, Part II

I had a plan to write and publish something else this week, but we participated to Taki’h’s Intimacy Journey workshop last weekend and it inspired me to continue with Taki’h’s teachings right here. Taki’h has an excellent and thorough program…
Tantric Sexuality

What is Tantric Sex? By Taki'h

This week I’m offering you a real gem from a friend of mine, an international tantra teacher Taki’h Dhyandeepa Antigoni from Remember Yourself. Taki’h has been studying, practicing and teaching tantra for a long time, and I’m very delighted to share her…
Tantric Sexuality

3 Tantric Tips For A Good Relationship

The most common client I get for my healing practice is a woman in her 40’s or 50’s. She has been in a relationship for 10-20 years, and her children are already grown up. The passion in the couple’s relationship is long gone, and with it, so is sexuality.
Tantric Sexuality

Sacred Sexuality Online Course Review

Some of my blog topics have been inspired by an online tantra course by Sofia Sundari. I joined the course when it first came out in spring 2017, and did it again in the autumn last year. Sofia is an international tantra teacher, who travels the world and is very active on…