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Tantra vs. Neo-Tantra

When I first started with tantra, it was just one big blurry concept for me. Some years later I realized that there are more flavors to it, and I now have my feet in two worlds, traditional tantra and neo-tantra. I’m passing on what I’ve learned in my neo-tantric training in Finland and now I’m learning traditional tantra and tantric yoga to deepen my practice. Tantra and…
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Traditional Tantra

The Original Tantra, Part III

This is the third and the last part of the long article by a friend of mine, Anssi Pitkänen. I have translated his article from Finnish. The article is based on the book Tantra Illuminated by Christoper Wallis. You can read the first part here and the second part here. In…
Traditional Tantra

The Original Tantra, Part II

Here’s a second part of the article The Original Tantra. It’s a guest blog by a friend of mine, Anssi Pitkänen and I have translated the article from Finnish. As you can see, the so-called “neo-tantra” does not have much to do with the origins of…
Traditional Tantra

The Original Tantra

The Book This is a guest blog by a friend of mine, Anssi Pitkänen. Anssi has a great analytical mind and I admire his ability to coherently express complex topics. This text is an article he wrote about the book Tantra Illuminated by Christopher Wallis and ideas behind it…
Traditional Tantra

What is Prana?

Recently I completed my second yoga teacher training, this time here in Finland with Shakta Yoga School. I got very much intrigued by their traditional approach to tantric yoga, and something there pulled me strongly. At first I was a bit sceptical on what new this training…
Traditional Tantra

Inward & Outward - Meeting between Tantra & Shamanism

This is a guest post by Elo Diaz from Atma Yoga, France. Elo is a tantric yogi, deeply connected to mysticism and shamanism. There are a lot of similarities between tantra and shamanism as in both there is an exploration of alternate states of consciousness. We can also…
Traditional Tantra

Chakras and Their Meanings

One of the most intriguing – and challenging – topic in tantric yoga is the concept of chakras. Many people talk about them, equally many have an opinion about them – but do we really know? Some people claim that we have 12 chakras, while some claim they…