A few months ago, in January, I got an idea to start this blog and directory. I reserved a great domain, allthingstantra.com (it was just waiting for me!), researched some directory theme options on WordPress and started to build this site and write some blog posts on tantric and tantric yoga topics that I find interesting. I even got a few guest blog posts already, and hopefully more is on the way!

I am NOT this technical!

I then collected manually some tantra-related entries from the internet and added them to the directory, so that people could actually start using the search and the service. I then contacted some of the tantra teachers and schools around the world, offering this possibility to promote their work in one tantric place.

One of the reasons behind this idea of a directory was the fact that it’s sometimes a bit difficult to promote tantra events and workshops in Facebook, or even Google. Probably the word tantra is on their black list, and especially if sex and orgasm is mentioned, the paid ads certainly are not approved. I even got my Facebook ad account suspended once, when I tried to promote one of our weekend workshops.

The feedback after a few months has been positive and encouraging. I have received some ideas for further development, thank you, and for some, submitting or working and understanding how the listings work has been a bit of a challenge.

So to clarify and help with this process, I’m writing this blog post.

How to Claim your business if already listed

First of all, I should mention that for now this directory is free of charge. I do have a plan to start charging for the listings at some point, but first of all I would like to see more listings and reviews in the directory, so that it would be truly useful for the users. Nobody would be willing to pay for such a listing, unless they know it is useful for their business. And I don’t have massive amounts of traffic yet on this site.

You can first check from the directory if your listing is already there. Simply click on to the front page here and type the name or part of the name of your business in the search box. If you can find your listing, open it and see if the information is correct. There’s just a short intro text, location and a web address.

You can then “claim” your business. This means that you and your email address will be associated with your own listing, and you will be able to modify the listing to your liking.

On the bottom right of a listing page, you can find a link “Claim Now” as shown below.

Claim Now on the listing page

Once you click that link, a box will open, asking you to sign in or sign up. This you can also do with your Facebook login if you wish.

When you have created an account to allthingstantra.com, you can submit the claim. The claim dialogue looks like this:

Submit your claim

There’s a box which has caused some confusion. The bottom box says “Additional proof to expedite your claim approval”. As I do not have the means to really check if you are the listing owner, just type there that you run and manage this business, or send me some good thoughts 🙂

When you send in these details, I will be notified and approve your claim. Then you can edit your listing.

Submitting your new listing

If your tantra-business is not listed in the directory, you can simply add a new listing from this page.

Simply fill in the details you want and submit the listing. We will then receive it for review, and approve as soon as possible.

A claimed business page could look like this, for example (it’s me), or you can add videos or FAQ’s and such. The listing will look really nice and attractive when you add more nice images, and even videos!

Statistics of a listing page

Using tags and keywords is a great way to help people to find your listing.

Once you sign up for allthingstantra.com, you can log in and manage your listing from the Dashboard. You can see all of your listings, reviews, statistics and more.

Ads and campaigns I will be able to introduce later on, when there’s a substantial amount of traffic.

Quality comes first

The internet is a wild place, and until now I haven’t received any strange listings or offers of sex services or other weird stuff. Certainly that day will come, and we do our best to evaluate the listings, and judge accordingly.

There’s also a possibility for any user to report a listing, so I trust that this will help us to keep this site dedicated to tantra, in a good spirit.

My wish and a humble request

With this site, I’m hoping to provide people with information that helps them to make better decisions when they choose to follow the path of tantra. The directory allows tantra teachers and schools to promote their work and collect reviews from the participants. In the blog, I wish to provide ideas and practical tips on how to find tantra and tantric yoga practices that you resonate most with.

Add your listing now, it’s free!

If you find this project useful, I would highly appreciate that you share this page to your networks, in Facebook or elsewhere. Sharing is simple, just click the buttons below. In this way, we can really make a nice and useful directory and create a better tantric world!



Ps. If you would like to participate by writing, please contact me!


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