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Sacred Sexuality Online Course Review

Some of my blog topics have been inspired by an online tantra course by Sofia Sundari. I joined the course when it first came out in spring 2017, and did it again in the autumn last year.

Sofia is an international tantra teacher, who travels the world and is very active on social media, opening her life to her Facebook followers. She gives live workshops in different locations around the world and she teaches at some tantra festivals.

Sofia Sundari

In Facebook, Sofia is offering a lot of free content, posts and videos, on various tantric and sacred sexuality topics. It is clear that she has devoted her life to serve the world with her passion for tantra. You can check her Facebook videos etc. here.

Sofia’s course is now open for registration. So I decided to write about my experiences with this course, Tantra – Your Initiation Into Sacred Sexuality.

What’s good?

The course is an online video course. Sofia and her team had filmed the high-quality videos in Bali in very beautiful surroundings. The videos and couples present in the videos are really authentic, and the the practice videos are very delicate, intimate, beautiful and even touching.

Sofia is really showing the things she’s teaching about. She and her partner demonstrate some of the exercises, and there are two other couples who were filmed when they did the practices. Many of the videos can – and should – be watched over again. There are also many practices you will do either by yourself or with your partner.

Sofia is meeting the participants weekly on live Q&A call through the internet. This is an excellent opportunity to ask your questions about the topics and about the practices that you’re doing. There are also one or two live rituals, where Sofia is guiding all the participants through a lovemaking ritual. It’s a very powerful opportunity to dive deeper with your partner.

There’s a closed Facebook group for the course participants. This is a great place to share your experiences and discuss and comment on others’ processes.

What’s missing?

I can’t really think of anything that is missing from the course. The only thing that I find challenging is that if you have a busy daily life, it may be a bit difficult to watch all the videos and do all the exercises during one week when the new module is published. But it does not matter so much, as they are available there anytime.

If you want to get most out of this course, I really recommend that you set your mind on it and dedicate enough time every week for the course.

One thing that could be improved is the live call sound and video quality. As Sofia is travelling around and connecting from various locations, the internet connections are always not so good and reliable.

What’s the cost?

The price for the course is now 947 USD or 3 x 333 USD if you would like to pay in installments. And as usual, there’s a 30 day full money back guarantee. I definitely think it’s worth the money!

Who is it for?

I think the course is best suited to couples who want to deepen their intimacy and explore the possibilities of sacred sexuality and sexual tantra. The information presented in the course is, of course, very interesting for anyone, singles and couples alike, but I would recommend this course for couples especially.

In my opinion, the course is suitable for both beginners in tantra, and those who have been exploring it for some time already. I’m sure there’s something new for everyone!

What’s in the course?

The course consists of six modules, which each have several videos and practices. The modules are released every week, so the course basically runs for six weeks. The materials are of course available for you after this six weeks. It’s very nice to return to them later on!

High quality videos

The topic of the first week is Sex Reframed. In this module Sofia is explaining the basics of tantric sexuality and what it means to bring the sacred in the bedroom.

The second week is dedicated to communication. You will learn how to Clear Space between you and your partner, and why it is important. She’s talking about how to work with emotions that may arise during sex. You can see a preview of one of the videos on this topic right here.

Then there’s a fantastic and dynamic Kali-meditation. Kali is the destroyer, so with this meditation you can let go of all kinds of unnecessary stuff that does not serve your relationship.

The third module is about Rekindling Desire. In this module, Sofia is talking about the sex drive, goddess worship in tantra and sexual arousal. There’s also a traditional tantric ritual called Nyasa.

The fourth module consists of tantric techniques you can use to activate and move your sexual energy. Especially important for men is the topic of ejaculation: how to control and master if you let your seeds out or not.

The fifth week is very juicy, as Sofia is explaining about tantric orgasm and how it can really change your whole idea of making love. Orgasm does not need to be a result of more and more stimulation, and our partner does not need to be responsible for our orgasm.

The sixth week is dedicated to Honoring the Divine Femininity and Masculinity. In this part we learn about Transfiguration and there are two more rituals explained.

Intimate and tasteful demos

This is just a very brief overview of all the topics that are in the curriculum – there’s so much more! And yet a few very exquisite bonuses, including yoni and lingam massage videos.


Overall, I can only recommend this course if you want to dive deeper in to your relationship and get a better understanding of what is sexual tantra about. The course is definitely worth the cost, and it can serve you for much longer than just six weeks. It will transform you and your life in a profound way!

For me, the course has given a lot of joy and many good moments of practice with my partner. It has brought me deep satisfaction, in myself and in life in general. Every interaction can be seen as tantric practice, every individual we face can be seen as Divine. Life is Sacred.

I’m also very grateful for the tantric ritual teachings, as this information is not so easily available, anywhere. Rituals are a great way to get closer to the Absolute, to bypass the thinking mind and to open up to experience life more fully.

There are some great testimonials and examples of the videos on the course enrollment page. Check them out here!

Note that this round of enrollment is only open until Sunday the 22nd of April. Probably the course will be open again in the autumn.

I hope this helps you to make up your mind, if you were thinking of joining the course!

See you there!


Updated 3.8.2018


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