Tantric Yoga

Yoga For Weight Loss

I was asked to write about yoga and weight loss. I must first confess that I have never had a problem with being overweight, so I can’t talk about a personal experience of losing weight. Rather, I have been struggling to gain weight and I had several other body image issues that I carried with me for a long time. But I think the ideas I’m presenting here apply to many different issues. It is…
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Tantric Yoga

7 Things That Make Tantric Yoga Different

Yoga is said to be a set of physical, mental and spiritual practices that originated in ancient India. However, yoga as we know it today has only existed for a short time. The ancient type of yoga was developed and practiced with a completely different mindset and…
Tantric Yoga

Best Detox and Cleanse for Your Body - The Yogic Way

The spring is soon knocking on the door on the northern hemisphere, sun is shining more and days are getting longer. This is naturally bringing us to the point where it is nice to dust off the winter and welcome the warmer part of the year. I personally notice that I start…