Tantric Yoga

How to Sleep Better - Yoga Nidra

One of the best ways to relax is the yogic practice of Yoga Nidra. In this article I will explain what it is and how it works – and of course encourage you to start already today! You may wonder what this has to do with tantra – what this blog should be about… Well, letting go of tension and relaxing the body and mind is an important aspect of any practice, but there’s even…
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Tantric Yoga

Pranayama for Beginners

One of the fundamental principles in traditional tantra is that we all are an integral part of a bigger whole, the Absolute. If this Absolute Consciousness is imagined as a stream (Water), then us, individuals would be the whirls or vortexes in the stream. A part of the…
Tantric Yoga

Best Detox and Cleanse for Your Body - The Yogic Way

The spring is soon knocking on the door on the northern hemisphere, sun is shining more and days are getting longer. This is naturally bringing us to the point where it is nice to dust off the winter and welcome the warmer part of the year. I personally notice that I start…