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Tantra Is Love - And Mud

Here we have the second part of the interview with two Osho Sannyasins, Hariprem and Kaulika. They held a workshop in Elontuli, Finland in July. The first part of the interview was about Osho as a person. You can read it here. In this second part, I asked What is Tantra and what it means to them. Enjoy! Hariprem: For me, it is simply love. In all aspects.  Not the holy love, not… the whole…
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Tantric Inspiration

Who Is Osho?

Osho, also known as Rajneesh or Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, was an Indian mystic and a spiritual master who had a big influence on the sexual tantra movement all around the world. He’s known for his controversial talks and strong statements about topics that many consider…