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Tantra vs. Neo-Tantra

When I first started with tantra, it was just one big blurry concept for me. Some years later I realized that there are more flavors to it, and I now have my feet in two worlds, traditional tantra and neo-tantra. I’m passing on what I’ve learned in my neo-tantric training in Finland and now I’m learning traditional tantra and tantric yoga to deepen my practice. Tantra and…
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3 Most Popular Posts of 2018

The 25th of January is the official birthday of A year ago I got the idea to start a tantra directory and blog. I wanted to make more sense of the tantra scene and help people find tantra teachers and schools around the world. Blogging has been an…
Tantric Sexuality

What Is Tantric Sex, Part II

I had a plan to write and publish something else this week, but we participated to Taki’h’s Intimacy Journey workshop last weekend and it inspired me to continue with Taki’h’s teachings right here. Taki’h has an excellent and thorough program…
Traditional Tantra

The Original Tantra, Part II

Here’s a second part of the article The Original Tantra. It’s a guest blog by a friend of mine, Anssi Pitkänen and I have translated the article from Finnish. As you can see, the so-called “neo-tantra” does not have much to do with the origins of…
Tantric Sexuality

What is Tantric Sex? By Taki'h

This week I’m offering you a real gem from a friend of mine, an international tantra teacher Taki’h Dhyandeepa Antigoni from Remember Yourself. Taki’h has been studying, practicing and teaching tantra for a long time, and I’m very delighted to share her…
Tantric Inspiration

Is Tantra Only For Pleasure?

The most common associations with the word tantra are either funky sex positions and endless love-making or funny exercises with breathwork, eye gazing and super-slow touch. Many tantra teachers remember to mention that tantra is only about 5-10% sex and sexuality. But the…