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Tantric Massage Benefits – Healing For Your Body and Soul

Gentle and conscious touch helps the body to relax

This is a guest post from a tantric massage practitioner Fanny Saraste from Finland. Translated from Finnish.

For me, tantra is a way of life, and even more it’s a spiritual path. Tantra has helped me to accept life as it unfolds, in a deeper way, to free my body and mind from the outer limitations.

It has given me courage to walk the path of my heart and helped me to deeply enjoy the colorful spectrum of life. I truly enjoy when I can share all what I have learned and help others to free themselves and opening up to life and love” says Fanny.

Tantric massage is a holistic body work approach. In the massage, the  practitioner helps the entire body relax and awakens the senses with gentle and conscious touch. We allow the sexual energy to awaken and increase during the massage, but we do not let the energy be wasted – no ejaculation, no Happy Ending.

Instead, we spread the energy to the whole body, lifting the energy up in the body and refine it to the more subtle and higher quality. Sexual energy is our life force, the force of our true creativity. This powerful energy opens up the body and helps it to heal in a gentle and lovely way.

The benefits of tantric massage

Here are some things that you can experience during and after a professional tantric massage:

  • Tension and pain will melt away
  • You will become more aware of your body
  • You will enjoy your body more
  • Quality of sleep improves
  • Emotional blocks open
  • Stronger connection to your body
  • Well-being in the body helps the mind feel better as well
  • Helps with functional disturbances, such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation
  • You can learn to separate ejaculation and orgasm
  • You can learn how to become multi-orgasmic
  • Assists with spiritual awakening and growth
  • Feeling love will deepen and expand
  • You will be more alive and enjoy your life more fully

A friend referred me to a tantric massage with Fanny, but I could not expect anything like this. The experience was really spiritual and sacred, an all new dimension opened up to me. Even if the experience was new and mind-boggling, I truly felt very good at your hands. A new adventure and exploration to myself and life started from here. Thank you! -Tomi

What happens during the massage?

I always begin the massage helping the central nervous system calm down, so that the body and mind can start to relax. When the body is in a relaxed state, the energy can move and expand easier in the body.

The massage is light and consists of long, gentle strokes and applying some pressure if necessary. In tantric massage, the whole body is being treated, also the genitals if the customer wants so. For men, the massage can also include a prostate massage.

The massage is not reciprocal – only the masseuse touches and the client can properly relax and listen to the effects of the massage, enjoy their body and the touch.

After the massage

You will feel very relaxed, but energized and revitalized at the same time. You can feel being fulfilled, you’re not lacking anything, you do not miss anything, you may feel an overflow of love towards yourself, your life and towards your environment. Sexual energy is flowing freely and ecstatic state of being can last for long time. All of your senses will be sharp, you can feel, see, hear and experience life stronger, while still being very much present in your body and in your life.

Prepare everything you need

Tantric massage at its best can be a very sacred and spiritual experience, which benefits your spiritual growth and physical well-being on many levels.

I have been to a tantric massage in Finland and abroad, but I haven’t experienced anything like this. The presence, energy and touch of Fanny are very exceptional. Highly recommended! -Man, 48

Pro tips for your own massage session

If you would like to give a tantric massage to your partner, here are a few tips that will help you to get started:

  • Make sure your phones are set to silent mode and that you will not be disturbed during the massage
  • Take enough time for the massage. Two hours is a good time to start with.
  • Decorate the room or space with beauty: candles, flowers, textiles, essential oils or insence sticks, relaxing music
  • Prepare all the things you will need during the massage: oils, towels, sarong, pillows, feathers
  • Use preferably organic natural oils, such as coconut or almond oil. Coconut oil is especially suitable for the genital massage
  • Meditate together for a while, finding a connection to yourself and to each other before you start
  • Massage the body with soft and calm touch, and from time to time try to apply more firm touch
  • Stay present when giving the massage, letting your hands be an extension of your heart. The hands only give, they do not require anything, they do not ask for anything.
  • Enjoy!

Fanny’s services

Couples can book a book a time for tantric couple coaching, where you can learn more about the massage and more. Or you can book a time for a massage.

Fanny Saraste

Tantric Life Coach
Massage therapist
Energy healer
Sexual adviser student

Salo and Helsinki, Finland

If you have any questions about the massage or how to practice at home, please leave a comment below!

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