What is tantra about?

This was the burning question that made me start this tantra blog, Allthingstantra.com.

One Thursday night in January 2018, the idea of this site landed on me. It was more or less out of the blue, but the question had been lingering in my mind for some time already. There’s so much “tantra” out there, and I had been wondering what my stance is in this soup. White tantra, red tantra, neo tantra, tantric yoga, conscious sexuality, sexual tantra, erotic tantra, shamanic tantra, tantric massage, tantric dating… You name it!

I wanted to find a way to organise my thoughts, and to write about my experiences with tantra. I do not claim to be an expert – I’m sharing my insights and hoping some of it will resonate with you and help you to find your own path.

Tantra is becoming more and more popular, and through this site I hope to bring at least some clarity and structure to the scene, so that you could make a more informed decision of what kind of tantra and practitioners you want to get involved with.

With this site, I wish:

  1. To provide interesting and valuable articles about all things tantra by various authors
  2. To have reviews of different resources, such as courses, books, schools and practitioners
  3. To widen and expand my own knowledge and understanding of tantra

So go ahead and explore the blog and tantric topics covered so far. The blog is divided to four categories: Tantric Sexuality, Tantric Inspiration, Tantric Yoga and Traditional Tantra. Make your pick!

My story

Tantric bodywork

I started my journey in yoga back in the year 2001, when my girlfriend at the time started to practice yoga. Luckily enough she was practicing with one of the most authentic lineages of yoga there is: Satyananda Yoga, or the Bihar School of Yoga.  In essence, it is a tantric yoga school, but early on I did not really understand what that meant.

Some years ago I was an ardent Vipassana meditator. I sat two hours a day, and it was of course very beneficial. Through that practice my ability to concentrate and to feel the body increased greatly. At some point, however, I realized that the practice goes in a direction away from the body. I am a very physical person: I like bodies, contact, vitality and sexual union.

Somehow I was then introduced to tantra, and have been on that path ever since, 5 years by now. In the beginning my idea of tantra was mostly sexual/sensual enhancement, but learning more of it has expanded my understanding.

I have studied tantra in Finland with Shanti Limnell, who has been teaching tantra for nearly 20 years by now. I participated in her Tantric Life Coach training over two years, and since then have been assisting her on some courses.

I’m studying traditional tantric yoga with Shakta Yoga School in Finland and Shri Kali Ashram in Thailand.

All the best,
simo a allthingstantra.com

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