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Wild Heart Transformation

You are a child of God. You playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people will not feel insecure around you.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.

-Marianne Williamson

Darling, beloved!

Yes, I’m talking to you!

Are you ready to be yourself? To blossom in your full radiance? To embody your power and embrace your shadows? To walk the world with ease, tuned into your intuition, choosing with clarity? Connecting with others with greater depth, because you are connected to yourself?

These are huge topics, aren’t these?

I’ve been through the Wild Heart Transformation training and this kind of change really took place – in me and in everyone in the group. It’s a beautiful thing to witness in your peers and powerful to experience yourself. It’s a roller coaster ride into yourself.

By taking the seat of the witness, your own ups and downs become neutrally interesting. By looking at your life and your patterns with curiosity you gain an outlook where you find a sense of safety to enter your shady places. I find this all necessary in order to really shine your light.

To live in love and acceptance with yourself is not as common as it could be. These are gifts with great consequences. You can find peace within, that everything is well as it is. You can start to see that you are a part of a bigger whole, and that whatever you go through in your life serves a purpose. Even if it does not seem to be so in the moment it happens.

The other element needed is consciousness; staying present to whatever is going on, holding space for yourself. The great gift of tantra is that everything can become a sacred practice if you do it with awareness. Seemingly simple exercises can help you to expand and go beyond the ordinary. You can practice these traits with others and then let yourself apply them in your everyday life and relations as well, but most importantly towards yourself.

Presence and acceptance are the philosopher’s stone of tantric alchemy and transformation in itself is the gold.

I’d say love and acceptance are the keys to recognize, set and then express your boundaries. Boundaries are what can set you free. It’s a knowing that you can trust yourself to take care of yourself, which liberates you of your fears that hold you back. When you are held and supported in a safe setting, you can experience something perhaps a little uncomfortable but exciting. When you learn new ways to be, you can easily apply it to your everyday life.

It’s also about learning the sexiness of presence. Through it you can face, touch and meet another person also ready for something extraordinary. You will discover a childlike innocence to your being, a free flow of feelings, sexuality, a sense of being at home in your body.

It’s like sex becomes less about sex, in the sense of performing, pleasing, achieving or having to do and life becomes more about sex in the sense of flowing in your power without shame to belittle you, so that your sexual power also known as your life force starts to bubble and nourish all aspects of your life.

The spectrum of your pleasure widens to include all these tones and colours you didn’t even know existed. A sense of variety comes in with fine tuning your senses and all of that richness starts to flow  into your everyday life. So I bet you don’t have a hard time understanding why I’m so excited about all this.

Tantra is a spiritual tradition, a sister to Buddhism and Daoism and it’s packed with eastern wisdom. So is this training. The fun part of tantra, though, is that instead of studying, a transformation just takes place in it’s own time and pace, and the point can be found only in between the lines and in the seeming contradictions of life. Tantra embraces the paradoxicality of finding without searching and drops the goal. I’ve seen more thorough and holistic changes happening  than with other traditions or methods.

Wild Heart Transformation is a training that provides you with a safe and supportive playground and the playmates to explore this wilderness of you heart, body and soul. These big words spelled above can only be implemented with practise, in practise. It is a training beyond rational learning so that true transformation on all levels can happen.

Wild Heart Transformation training

Wild Heart Transformation

Are you ready for a new kind of life?

The training consists of three four-day meetings, from Thursday evening till Sunday afternoon, and in addition there is a week long summer intensive in July. Between the training modules, there are peer group meetings, where you can share and practice what you have learned.

The dates for the training are:

29.11.-2.12. 2018
28-31.3. 2019
2-5.5. 2019 and
16-21.7. 2019

The course venue is Elontuli at Karjalohja, Finland

Your guides on this exciting journey are Katri and Simo. They both have gone through the Wild Heart Transformation training – and more – with Shanti Limnell, and are now eager and passionate to share their experience with the new emerging group of tantrikas.

Katri runs a tantra center Pesä in Tampere and organizes events there. Simo writes about and explores tantra in this blog you’re reading right now, Together they have organized tantra courses for couples. They complement each other like day and night: where Katri is a seriously playful Shakti, Simo as Shiva is diving deeply into the consciousness and to the mastery of subtle energies.

Do you yearn for embracing life at its fullest, for being more you?

Then join us on this beautiful, exciting and transformative journey.

Starting in November – apply now!

Send Shanti an application telling a bit about yourself and the reasons why you want to do this training by email:

More info of the training on her website.

Simo & Katri

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